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Phi Eta Sigma ΦΗΣ

Each semester meetings, projects, and programs may change based off of best availability for the members. An overview of our campus and community involvement is outlined below. Check the event calendar for specific dates, times, and locations.

Participation in Phi Eta Sigma is not required for continued membership. However, members are able to earn and accumulate points by being an active member and supporter of our organizational qualities: “Service, Excellence, and Community.” Points assist members in being eligible to receive rewards, scholarship recommendations and other accolades. Some of the ways members can accrue points are by attending meetings, socials, philanthropy events, and events happening at UCF chosen for each month by the board. Depending on the event and level of participation, the standard point allocations will be determined by the President.


Meetings are held once each month.

Community service and other programming will be held each month.

Community Service

Two Service Projects: Service Projects this year will range from working with UNICEF, a PB&J Sandwich project for the homeless, a harvest drive for Thanksgiving, Relay for Life and much more.

Social Programs

Socials will be held at different times each month to accommodate more schedules throughout the year.

Self-Improvement Events

Lectures on subjects like healthy eating, resume building, and even securing jobs.

Upcoming Events
  • Sorry, no events could be found.