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Phi Eta Sigma ΦΗΣ
Executive Committee


Are you interested in an executive position with Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society at UCF? We will be interviewing interested candidates for marketing chair, social coordinator, and treasurer.

The offices of Phi Eta Sigma shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. No officer will be permitted to hold more than one officer position.

Matthew Adams

The President shall:

  • Supervise and control the activities of the organization
  • Preside over all meetings and call all meetings to order
  • Be one of the signers on financial documents
  • Coordinate all conferences
  • Ensure all officers are performing their duties as defined in this Constitution
  • Assign special projects to officers
  • Be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order to conduct the meetings
Vaughn Glinton
Vice President

The Vice President shall:

  • Assist the President in his/her duties
  • Assume the Presidents responsibilities in his/her absence
  • Keep accurate records of all meetings in the Secretary's absence
  • Plan and be responsible for all retreats and training of the organization
  • Perform an audit of all financial transactions of the organization twice a year
  • Assist in special projects as assigned by the President
Kristen Kalley

The Treasurer shall:

  • Keep an accurate account of all funds received and expended
  • Be one of the three signers on financial documents
  • Be responsible for collecting dues and notifying members who are delinquent in their payments
  • Be responsible for creating budget reports at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semesters and as requested by the President, Vice-President and/or UCF faculty/staff advisor
  • Provide financial records sufficient to allow the Vice-President to perform an audit
  • Assist in special projects as assigned by the President
Kelly Groover

The Secretary shall:

  • Notify all members of meetings via e-mail and/or telephone at least 48 hours in advance
  • Keep accurate records of all meetings
  • Maintain an accurate list of all members and their contact information
  • Perform a verbal role call of all members and maintain an attendance record
  • Prepare ballots for elections
  • Keep a copy of the Constitution and have available for members
  • Assist in special projects as assigned by the President
Sarah LaRocca
Social Coordinator

Cayla Robbins
Social Coordinator

Jackie LaLonde
Social Coordinator

Alice Nei
Social Coordinator

Johana Segura
Marketing Coordinator

Tania Stratigos
Marketing Coordinator